Welcome to my portfolio, where I specialize in creating art that intertwines the realms of imagination and reality, much like the blending of watercolors. If you’re seeking enchanting and warm illustrations, feel free to reach out to me. Both individual and corporate projects are welcome.



2014  Selected for Tokyo Illustration Awards
2016  Selected for graduation research and production exhibition in Tokyo
    Appointed as an elementary school art teacher in Tokyo
2018  Solo exhibition “Kamisan” (Gallery Tomo)
2019  Retired as an elementary school art teacher
    Joined creative team TWO BOTTLES
2023  Independent as a freelance illustrator.

Clients (in alphabetical order)
Daiwa Shobo Co., Ltd. / Diamond-sha Co., Ltd./ DENSO Co., Ltd. / Discover Japan Co., Ltd. / Gakugei Tsushinsha Co., Ltd. / Natural Structural Therapy Sokai/ PHP Corporation/ Shueisha Inc. / Toberu Co., Ltd. / Wonder Herb Inc. // Individual Request.


As for the role that book design and illustrations should play, I believe that expressing the world and charm of the work through illustrations without leaving anything out is the first thing that comes to mind. As a result, I believe it leads to readers being able to immerse themselves more in the world of the book and to people encountering the book through the illustrations.

During my teenage years, there was a time when I would buy books solely based on the cover design. Through that, I was able to encounter books that hold a special place in my heart. As an author, I also want to exist in such a role.

Drawing something invisible

From over there, it looks light blue, but from here it looks yellow. Similar things happen in our daily lives all the time. (For example, when someone speaks loudly, some people feel “energetic and wonderful”, while others feel “scared” …)

Even in ordinary and familiar landscapes, various people’s emotions and thoughts are deeply hidden. That’s how I feel.

I want to hide something that cannot be captured by the eye in my art, so I paint by blending various colors into the picture.

To Children

I worked as an elementary school art teacher for three years. I am not very good at interacting with “children” and playing with them wholeheartedly. But even I became very fond of them by spending a lot of time with them.

I decided to quit teaching and devote myself to drawing because I wanted to be confident in front of them. (At that time, I was not able to make time for art while working full-time as a teacher due to my lack of experience.)

I learned from them how children, who are called “children,” are full of potential and how precious they are in this world. I draw my pictures with the hope that they will be able to touch the hearts of “children” even for a moment.